The Seal of Adrenalism

The Adrenalism Movement

My songs

  • Your not alone by Saosin

This song is on there because it goes with that you can get help from your piers, and that someone always loves you.
  • Absolutely by Nine Days

This song is about how you should be happy because somene always like you, you might just not know it.

I. Core Beliefs

b. How do you act differently because of your beliefs?
I try to live my life to the fullest every day. I do this because I don't know what will happen to me in the future so I don't want o die not being able to what I've always wanted to do.

c. What is the purpose of life according your –Ism?
To have adrenaline in your bdoy at all times. By doing thing that are extreme and adrenaline.

d. How does the rest of the world differ from your core beliefs? Why are you right? (Why do you keep your beliefs in the face of others who do not share them)
They think that doing the extreme is insane and stupid. But they don't the rush of doing the extreme.

f. What beliefs do you you share with others?
The belief that most people believe with me is that you should Strive to Be Different

e. Which core belief do you think is the central one that all other beliefs revolve around? My core idea is that Our generation runs on adrenaline.

II. Role in Society

a. What is your role in society according to your -Ism?
In society you should do the extreme to get a rush. After doing that extreme thing you should go out do some thing to celebrate

b. What your method of connection to others?
We connect thought others on how we get our rushes and how we treat each other.

c. How much do you care for yourself vs. other people?
We care for ourselfs and eachother, but WE help each other when we need it.

d. How do you envision the power structure (machinery) of society?
The way you get power is how confident in yourslef you are. This is, because if you believe in yourself others will believe in you

e. What is the prevailing metaphor or image that you would use to describe social and economic progress? Why would you define your –Ism with this image? The image of the greats. This is the video from the most reasent X-Games. The extreme sports showcase.

f. How does you view major social institutions (government, welfare, religion, etc.)?
Every thing is acccepted and if any one descriminates then they will not be allowed in the ism

III. Solving Problems

a. What are the “societal goods” that you promote, and how does it promote these?
We promote the good in life. We also think that helping others is key. Also listening to the elders is the greatest advise you can get.

b. What are the “societal ills” that you try to solve, and how do you solve these?
They are the discrimnation that someone is better than you. They way we deal with this is though competition and thats how we tell. If you lose and say you won then you will not be allowed in our ism.

c. How does your –ism deal with the invisible, but persistent pressures of life?
We deal with this by being an individual and not trying to be like some one else.

IV. Debate

a. What are the debates that you are concerned with waging? Why?
With abortion and rights. Because these are all issues that cause controversy every day/

b. How would you frame these debates so that only your ideas would be seen as right?
We will have a debate between ourselfs you deal with it yourself.

V. Your Head

a. How does your –Ism influence the way you see everyday sights, events, and objects?
We think of everything as something we could do a trick off of or do something to get our heart pumping

b. What is a day in your life like because of your -Ism?
Its a pretty normal day except when you get your heart pumping then everything changes

VI. Other Important Aspects

a. What are the other defining aspects of your –Ism that are not discussed in the other sections of this Outline?
That are isms isn't just doing the extreme and being stupid. You have to make it realistic. If you just eat it and don't land it, its not as cool as landing the extreme.

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