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I. Core Beliefs

a. What are the essential truths (belief statements) of your -Ism? You should have between 5 and 10 belief statements that outline the goals of your belief system. (i.e., I believe that all humans have the capacity to make the world a better place. Or, I believe that people are essentially evil and must be made good through a well-structured society. You may use Standpoint or Standpedia for this question.)
My belief is unique because it's all about not needing to know everything about everything. Not needing to know how we're here or why we're here or for how long. It's more about enjoying the fact that we are here. Also not too much of it is cliche. I don't think it is has many highly populated beliefs in it.
1. No one should be able to persuade, preach, or coax anyone into believing something. (ie. a person of a certain religon cannot preach or praise that religon but only educate people about it.)- Everyone is entitled to their opinions but as far as persuading someone to do something they wouldn't normally do it causes major problems.
2. There is absolutly no reason for war. I'm positive we can find way to make a compromise peacefully. I do feel for the people over seas or in training for the army, navy, marines, coast guard, and everyhing else working for our country's safety but in reality it is their choice to get themselves into that stuff. They were never forced. Violence can be used for good but there is NO reason why so many people should be killed. NO reason why so many families should be destroyed. NO reason anybody should be hurt when I know someone out there can come up with a plan of compromise.
3. This may sound hypocrytical coming from a suburb kid who hasn't done anything amazing. I think anyone who has the ability to take action has the responsibility to take action. If there is something wrong and you can do something about it it is your duty to do something about it.
4. Be yourself no matter what. It will help you in the long run. If you are loud and speak your mind normally don't lie to new people about it. If they seem to like you for being quiet and polite they don't really like you they like what you are pretending to be. Everyone has done it, most of us do it on a regular basis. But if it stopped everything would be made much simpler.
5. This is coming from a completely non-religous point of view and is not meant to offend anyone. I do not know that there is a God or a Jesus or anything like that. No one has physical evidence of that. If people want to beleive stuff thats totally fine with me. My thinking is the whole purpose of religon is to make people better....well...people. And also to create some sort of theory of how or why we are all here. My theory is the non-theory theory. I really don't need to know why I'm here or how we go here. And I don't plan on spending my life trying to figure it out. Because the people who do that will end up not being able to enjoy the life they were given. I'd much rather just have fun and be happy then learn about why I am doing that.
6. I believe that anyone who doesn't take risks doesn't have fun.
7. I believe that routine is not always a good thing.
8. I beleive that bad words are only bad if you mean something by them. They are only words
9. Life should NOT be guided with logic. It should be guided with fun! We only have so long on earth.
10. I believe there is an afterlife and whatever you believe it is it will be for you.
11. I believe that abortion is WRONG.
12. I believe we rely wayyyy too much on the government to fix things. Sometimes we need to force them to fix things(protests strikes etc.)\
13. I believe that people should never have the right to hurt themselves or other people.
15. I believe that a person's emotional status is just as important as their physical status.

Other people's belief's that I agree with:
1. I agree with Unnamedism 's belief of treat all animals as you would treat your pets...
Gcast on belief statements(most):

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b. How do you act differently because of your beliefs?
I'm not sure how ell i actually follow some of my beleifs. But I more think of them as something that could better this country and the world if they were followed by everone. I think everyone is just so used to acting the way they do it's tough to even think about changes this epic.
c. What is the purpose of life according your –Ism?
As I said in my 5th beleif I don't really know that there is one and if there is I'm not going to waste it finding out what it is.
d. How does the rest of the world differ from your core beliefs? Why are you right? (Why do you keep your beliefs in the face of others who do not share them?)
All the people who are religious mostly disagree with me. I obviously don't pick fights with people about this or even really talk about it. It's my belief and I don't want to risk offending someone with it. I also don't like to waste my time arguing over opinions because mine almost never change. Once I believe something I don't really go back on it so I don't see the point of trying to persuade me. I'm set in my opinions and will not change them.
f. What beliefs do you you share with others? (What common ground do you see between your -Ism and others' -Isms)
I probably share a lot more then this but I haven't had a chance to look at everyone's. Ideas cannot be owned. Strive to be yourself. All people should be equal. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions/
e. Which core belief do you think is the central one that all other beliefs revolve around? (You can create a concept map of one of your Core Beliefs using Mindomo, Inspiration, or Gliffy)
People are entitled to their opinions and no one should be able to tell them differently.

II. Role in Society

a. What is your role in society according to your -Ism? (How do you fit in among your peers?) I fit in well but probably because we don't talk about this stuff enough to get upset at anyone.
b. What your method of connection to others? (Are you part of a greater whole? Do you use emotions? Are you able to relate to others through a common experience? Do you see yourself in groups or cliques?) I kind of float around with a lot of friends but a few really good friends. I really don't see myself in any kind of clique or group.
c. How much do you care for yourself vs. other people? (Is your –Ism more concerned with selfishness or giving?)
I think it's more of helping yourself because I don't think letting people mooch off of you is actually helping them. It's teaching them to rely on other people and not themselves.
d. How do you envision the power structure (machinery) of society? (What power do you have? How do you gain power or lose power? )
Like I said it's more about yourself for me but someone has to take s=charge and take care of things and those who are generous enough to do so should be rewarded.
e. What is the prevailing metaphor or image that you would use to describe social and economic progress? Why would you define your –Ism with this image? (A ladder, a mountain, a treadmill, etc. Feel free to get an image from flickr or describe this metaphor through a bubblr strip.)409410907_84e4d70e18.jpg409410907_84e4d70e18.jpg
I think it's like bees because they are all kind of different but they still have to work together to thrive. They all go to different flowers like people have different opinions. They have to help eachother every once in a while to bring honey to the hive. Like people have to help eachother to live. But in the end they could still survive on their own if they needed to.
f. How does you view major social institutions (government, welfare, religion, etc.)?
With government my ism is totally anti-war. I think that we can work things out without stuff ending violently. Compromise is the key word here. It's like people have never heard of it with our government. With religion people can have it but not preach it upon others or force it on their children after they are old enough to make their own decisions.

III. Solving Problems

a. What are the “societal goods” that you promote, and how does it promote these? (charity, equality, etc.)
It doesnt promote normal charity but more like charity of teaching people how to fend for themselves. Instead of sending money for food for starving people in Darfur you send money to people who cana teach them how to farm or something so they can make their own food. For equality I think despite what people think we are pretty equal because if we weren't someone would get off their butt and do somehting about it.
b. What are the “societal ills” that you try to solve, and how do you solve these? (racism, stress, etc.)
Racism I think should be illegal. Like literally if someone discriminates in any way including verbal they should be punished.
c. How does your –ism deal with the invisible, but persistent pressures of life (Patriarchy, the pressure to be a success, the pressure to be cool)?
I think all of those are kind of an immature stage that people go through and they eventually grow out of them. Some people are quicker then others to rid themselves of that kind of pressure but it is no one's place to help them make it go faster.

IV. Debate

a. What are the debates that you are concerned with waging? Why? (Abortion, Equality, Truth, Etc.)
b. How would you frame these debates so that only your ideas would be seen as right?

V. Your Head

a. How does your –Ism influence the way you see everyday sights, events, and objects?
b. What is a day in your life like because of your -Ism?A day is kind of just a representation of like time. It kind of reminds you how little time you do have, so each wasted day is more guilt.

VI. Other Important Aspects

a. What are the other defining aspects of your –Ism that are not discussed in the other sections of this Outline?

-My Ism is unique because it's all about not needing to know everything about everything like where we came from or why we are here. It's more about not sweating that stuff and just enjoying that we are here. It also isn't too cliche because I know not the majority of people out there agree with mine.
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This is my core beleifs essay:
I totally think people need to have their own opinions because it makes them what they are. But it is totally different if you go around saying it’s the BEST opinion to have. We all do it but I’m saying we shouldn’t. Whether it’s about a band or a religion it just causes problems. I think you should educate people about it not gloat about it. Sometimes it’s even inappropriate to go on and on about why you believe this and that. If people really want to know they will ask.
First, I think without our opinions we would become mindless clones of one another. That’s kind of a given. But seriously I think we take for granted how much our opinions shape us. I also think it is okay to adopt people’s opinions but not say you came up with them. Obviously your opinion was someone’s before yours but if you honestly didn’t know that or hear about that opinion it’s pretty cool. It makes you original even if it’s not really yours technically. The most annoying thing that I get all mad about when it comes to people is when they disagree with my opinion AND make it seem insignificant. Like by me believing that I am worthless. I HATE that.
I will admit to preaching my opinion a lot. But definitely not to the extent I see some people go to. I am not trying to offend anyone with this but I thoroughly disagree with missionaries, missions, anything that has to do with “saving people”. It reminds me of this one South Park where the missions only gave people food if they promised to go to church every Sunday and live Christian. I AM aware that that’s not how it really is but I think if they really need to be “saved” that bad they don’t need a religion they need to get back on their own feet. I know missionaries truly believe they are helping people by converting them but to me it just seems like a “I bet I can get more people to join my religion then you!” kind of race. This is exaggerated but that’s what I think. And please do not try to force your opinions on this to me if all you want to do is prove me wrong. I would LOVE to hear what you think about it but not if your going to make me feel stupid for writing this essay.
As I said, if people really want your opinion they will ask. Otherwise you don’t have to go around gloating how it’s right. I really do like hearing what other people think. Usually I am amused at how wrong they are or weird. But I don’t say that. When people agree with me I like it too. But I also OCCASIONALY like to argue about something. Not too big of stuff but just like school debates and stuff are fun. I really HATE losing and argument but who doesn’t. I think that is the main reason I get bothered by people picking them with me. I’m afraid of losing. Even if I’m positive I’m right that doesn’t mean I can persuade the other person/people to believe that.
I’ve come to this controversial conclusion. It is required to have opinions in order to maintain individuality. Preaching your opinions to others only causes problems and in my opinion is unethical. Knowing others opinions different and alike is healthy. Arguing and defending your own opinions is also healthy. But no matter what keeping yours strong and not changing them just because the crowd is matters most of all. As a side note: Everything in this IS my opinion so please don’t take offense. And though this essay is rather hypocritical to my entire point I feel it got my point across.
Gcast dude on my essay:

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This is my powerpoint.

Gliffy dude:

My fav songs:

Explanation of some of my favorite songs...
Adam's song: This song is if you didn't get it was about this guy who killed himself. It affects my belief because it has to do with people hurting other people and themselves.
Mama: This song is totally anti-war about how much is lost in war and that not very much is gained except a lot more holes to dig for the body's of so many people.
BYOB: This song(if you pay attention) is about how the government always calls for the war to happen and they never physically help with it. They always send the public to do the fighting and are never there themselves.

This is for my personal curriculum project #2 it is not part of my ism so you don't need to read it:

here are the pictures:
agadf.jpgThat is from the movie ferris bueller's day off which inspired my obsession.
ga.jpgThat is another model
pic.jpgAnd another....
ferrari_(black).jpgThat is the one owned by actor James Coburn it was the only black modle that was originally black.