I. Core Beliefs


b. I know that people are different, and I don't treat them the same, I treat each person differently, but still with respect and value for them. I also cannot stand to see something tortured or a life not valued.
c. The purpose of life according to Rachelism is for life to value other life, no matter how simple the organism, and to be free happy individuals.
d. Many people do not care about how animals feel, or that they have a right to live too. People also make fun of and try to hurt who other people are by finding whats different about them and attacking it rather than embracing it.
f. I see that alot of other people's -isms are against animal cruelty and torturing the innocent too. I also noticed that Eleanor's belief also talks about diversity and not conforming to what is cool.

VI. Other Important Aspects

You do not have to follow every part of Rachelism, as long as you follow the core beliefs.

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