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*Remixing and building off of anything on this page is allowed, but copying is bad. I require recognition( just my name would be sufficient), but nothing on this page is owned, only shared.*

I. My Core Beliefs

  • That nobody can own ideas, because every idea is building off of someone else's idea (aznism)
  • That hierarchy is the only way that society can thrive.
  • Remixing is what makes the world go round.
  • Contact sports (football,hockey,etc.) also makes the world go round.
  • School curriculums are inferior to a student-based curriculum.(as long as it is within reason)
  • Standardized tests are obsolete and should be abolished.
  • Age does not translate into wisdom. You can be really old and still be incredibly stupid.
  • Forcing freedom on someone is not the same as true freedom.
  • There are no such thing as geeks and nerds, just smart people and those who are jealous and afraid of that.
  • The first amendment should be put on posters and stuck everywhere to remind us what America is all about.
  • The news and media report the bad news because that is what the audience wants to hear. If you think about it, would you rather hear someone praising the president on t.v. or someone flaming him?
  • Music is one of the top 10 most important things in a persons life.

Ib. How do you act differently because of your beliefs?

Because of my beliefs, I try not to make fun of the "geeks", and to remix and build upon everything that I can. I am also able to recognize the difference between true wisdom and old people talking at me, and I don't force people into things because "it is for thier own good." I also take part in contact sports, because they are the best way to fill time.

Ic.What is the purpose of life according your –Ism?

According to ryanism, the purpose of life is to treat everyone as an individual and respect the difference between smart people and jocks, tall and short people, and all of those kinds of things. Your goal according to ryansim however, is to remix everything you possibly can to make a better project to contribute to society, even if it is only better for you, as an individual.

Id. How does the rest of the world differ from your core beliefs? Why are you right?

The rest of the world differs from my beliefs because freedom is forced onto ungrateful people, there are still standardized tests and general curriculum still exists. There are still geeks and nerds, and copyright makes it almost impossible for remixing to take place as it should. I believe that I am right because I think that if ryanism was actually put into society, it would work out better then what we have now, because without geeks and nerds, there would be no cliques, if remixing were allowed then society would have a better finished product for something, and if everyone played contact sports, then there would be no fat people. Furthermore, if there were no standarized tests, and a more specfic test was put in replacement , then teachers would actually get a GOOD sense of what their students know. And if a personal curriculum was instituted, then students would be more engaged in school, and they would not only learn more, put there might be less drop outs in high school. I of course have no idea if any of this would actually work in real life, but it is something that I truly believe would make life better for all.

Ie.What beliefs do you you share with others?

I think that most people on this wiki have the belief that ideas should be shared and remixing. Without remixing, then nothing can get improved upon. I also think that some people are against standardized tests (or at least against CSAP), and I share the common belief with c4d1ll4c that "equality is essential to life". If there is no equality, then nobody can connect and relate to one another, there would be constant wars against the people that are "more equal" and life would pretty much suck. I also agree with moose on the idea of age not equaling wisdom, and the belief in a god.. Just because you are old does not mean you are smarter than others. Now, that does not say that old poeple cannot be smart, because they can, but it is not because they are old. Almost everyone agrees that some sort of exercise is good for you, and if you are not physically fit you will die sooner than others. Kehresism has a good point when it says that flaw is what creates new ideas that are not always perfect, but provoke thought, which means that flaws are not a bad thing, and they allow room for growth. Sapientism said that Non-material things are far more valuable than material and should be sought by all people. I agree with this also because material things will eventually die or move on or something, while non-material things stay with you forever. There are a bunch of other beliefs that I share with my classmates, but these are the major ones.

If. Which core belief do you think is the central one that all other beliefs revolve around?

For Ryanism, the core belief that is the central one is the idea that remixing makes the world go round. Remixing allows people to not only become artists in their own regard, but it allows whatever is being remixed to become a better version of itself, meaning that if you remix something, it becomes better. Even if it is only better for you, and sucks for everyone else, that should be okay. Without remixing, then you are technically depriving society of something amazing. If people are not allowed to make things better, then nothing would improve and society would come to a standstill. If someone was not allowed to remix the typewriter, there would be no computer. If you could not remix the original phone, there would be no cell phone. Think of all the things that we have missed out on because it was against the law for someone to create it. I especially think there should be very loose laws on music remixing, because most of the time remixed music, like weird al yankovic, ends up better than the original, and a core belief for Ryanism is that music is one of the top 10 most important things in a persons life.

My sPresent on Everything else Ryanism:


My standpoint:

This I Believe Essay

My central core belief is the concept of " Ideas cannot be owned, because every idea is a build-off of something else, and copyright needs to be redone". To most people, this seems a weird and bad thing to base life around, but it makes total sense to me. If you think about it, this is what society revolves around. People are always getting into all kinds of trouble because they violated so and so's copyright laws, but that is ridiculous! Copyright contradicts itself, because the coprighted idea probably, no, IS, a bulid-off of of somebody elses idea. For example, the computer is a remix of the typewriter, right? So, what about the rights of the person who made the typewriter? Does he/she not deserve to be protected by copyright? Because of this crazy law, it is impossible to create anything better, because it has to be 100% original. And if you think about it, nothing is 100% original. Somebody came up with the carriage, and then came the remix, a car. Somebody created a pencil, and somebody remixed it into the pen. (or vice versa, I am not sure which came first). Society cannnot flourish without the ability to share ideas. Everything we have, did have, and ever will have is merely a visual representation of somebody's idea. Saying someone stole your idea is like saying.... well, actually, there is nothing stupider that you can say. The only way to create change is to share ideas, and it is the best and easiest thing you can do to contribute to society. Think about all the great things that we have missed out on because of the idiots that use copyright. I AM NOT saying that copyright should be completly abolished, but it should be enforced looselier.People should not be thrown in jail or sued because they used something with copyright, because that was a remix of something else, and that thing was another remix, and so on, so technically, if copyright is accepted, then we can have nothing new. Ideas that are held within oneself, held tightly and are never released, are useless and a complete waste of time. The only kind of idea that is worth having or talking about is the one that is shared for everyone to use.

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