Adernalism Core Belief

Our generation runs on adrenaline.

Have you ever gotten that rush when your about to hit a jump,or when you are about to something extreme? You know that feeling when you can your heart pounding, thats adrenaline we all get it and thats whats we live off of. We all get adrenaline, adrenaline increases your heart rate causing you to get an extra burst of what you need at that time. All of the older geration doesn't get it they have never experinced it and after you feel the rush you never go back.

Adrenaline is a hormone released when the body feels threated, its the bodies "fight or flight" reflex. Our generation knows it when we do the isane and extreme. Most of our generation gets it sitting on the top of a ski run or getting ready for the big game. See adrenaline is what we live on.

The older gerations don't know the rush. They did all "the good things" in life like go to museums or have fun at the local buger place. We do all the things our parents our scared of. My mom won't even go skiing on a black run, they don't take risks. Risk taking is one of the greatest things to do to get the adrenaline flowing. Also, you look at all the movies that are popular today, all of them have been action movies. Redline,Gone in 60 seconds and The Fast and the Furious movies have been some of the most productive movies in history. These movies are so popular because thay are adrenaline pumping movies

Also most of the sports that we do today are more extreme than ever before. The X-Games are an event with all of the extreme sports out there. THet athletes there are trying new things that weren't ever thought of 5 years ago. What do think is going threw there mind at the top of a hill waiting to do a Misty 900. Bet you that their heart is beating.

THis is something that is really a good thing because you can act quicker and be more alert of what yor doing.Adrenaline happens all the time, when your in the middle of class and can't stop moving (unless you have ADD) that can be an adrenaline rush. You can get one without even knowing it. You fell the rush and never want to go back to regular life ever again.