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I. Core Beliefs

Subscribe Free  Add to my PageMy belief is that there is life out in the universe somewhere. If there is not than that is a lot of wasted space. Why would god want to create a universe just for us and a bunch of gas. That is crap. God could not have wanted just to have us in the universe could he? I am sure that alien life is out there maybe not as advanced as we may think they are but they are definitely out there. Proof lies on the planet of mars. NASA scientists have thought that there my have been rivers of water on the planet of mars many moons ago. If there is not life out there than how do you fill all of the other planets. How can there be so many elements in the world besides the element of life? Another detail in this is why if there is alien life out there why would they want to abduct and/or probe us. Why would they travel light years just to look up our butts? If our space program developed past the point of slow travel it is now and we found them first would we want to take them up in our ship just to dissect them? No, we would study the way they live and how they flourish. I bet that they would behave just like us or the other on this earth. Say they were just like the simple deer feeding on the food given to them by the o’ mighty god. Then we would know there was life out there but we would know that they were not going to attack us because they are not evolved enough. I think a great example of the way most people think of aliens is the movie Independence Day. There the aliens had been studying our life before they attacked. That is exactly the way I think we will handle it once our space program develops. Of coarse we will not zap the center of their cities with giant blue lasers. In that movie so much panic was raised of aliens. But I think with time we will be in so much amazement of each other that we will not even think of War.