Well we can all say our movement is the best but still what movement is a well system of ideas that noone can control
Why people should join:
Well have you ever thought to yourself "I like money" or even ever used money?
Either of these automaticly put you in my movement now you can take it to the next step and activly follow these beliefs or not

What you should do If you join:
Well follow whats listed on the Core page. And you should still pursue what you want from life. This ism is differnt because it doesn't make you drop everything for it you can still do your religion and still go on your daily life however there is 1 major rule you follow if you are part of it .
However anything else is fine by the ism. So really it's just go on living your normal life with enlighted perspecives of that money is why you go to work not that you luv your job