I. Core Beliefs

a. What are the essential truths (belief statements) of your -Ism? You should have between 5 and 10 belief statements that outline the goals of your belief system. (i.e., I believe that all humans have the capacity to make the world a better place. Or, I believe that people are essentially evil and must be made good through a well-structured society. You may use Standpoint or Standpedia for this question.)
b. How do you act differently because of your beliefs?
c. What is the purpose of life according your –Ism?
d. How does the rest of the world differ from your core beliefs? Why are you right? (Why do you keep your beliefs in the face of others who do not share them?)
e. What beliefs do you you share with others? (What common ground do you see between your -Ism and others' -Isms)
f. Which core belief do you think is the central one that all other beliefs revolve around? (You can create a concept map of one of your Core Beliefs using Mindomo, Inspiration, or Gliffy)

II. Role in Society

a. What is your role in society according to your -Ism? (How do you fit in among your peers?)
b. What is your method of connection to others? (Are you part of a greater whole? Do you use emotions? Are you able to relate to others through a common experience? Do you see yourself in groups or cliques?)
c. How much do you care for yourself vs. other people? (Is your –Ism more concerned with selfishness or giving?)
d. How do you envision the power structure (machinery) of society? (What power do you have? How do you gain power or lose power? )
e. What is the prevailing metaphor or image that you would use to describe social and economic progress? Why would you define your –Ism with this image? (A ladder, a mountain, a treadmill, etc. Feel free to get an image from flickr or describe this metaphor through a bubblr strip.)
f. How do you view major social institutions (government, welfare, religion, etc.)?

III. Solving Problems

a. What are the “societal goods” that you promote, and how do you promote these? (charity, equality, etc.)
b. What are the “societal ills” that you try to solve, and how do you solve these? (racism, stress, etc.)
c. How does your –ism deal with the invisible, but persistent pressures of life (Patriarchy, the pressure to be a success, the pressure to be cool)?

IV. Debate

a. What are the debates that you are concerned with waging? Why? (Abortion, Equality, Truth, Etc.)
b. How would you frame these debates so that only your ideas would be seen as right?

V. Your Head

a. How does your –Ism influence the way you see everyday sights, events, and objects?
b. What is a day in your life like because of your -Ism?

VI. Other Important Aspects

a. What are the other defining aspects of your –Ism that are not discussed in the other sections of this Outline?