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It is unreal how easily animals forgive you. It is heartless... to do anything to them that a person definetely wouldn't forgive you about. And to keep doing it to them because they can't complain is immoral. It's a completely unfair advantage. I think this should be legally punished worse than murder. A person most likely had some way to defend themselves. While an animal has none. It's unreal how much an animal will love you even after they're abused. Animal cruelty is disgusting, and usually a way to foreshadow a serial killer future, and is a frequently appearing trait of murderers and rapists. To punish people that willingly hurt an animal fiercely would eliminate many criminals, and save our sweet stinky friends.

Plus, what can turn a bad day around like a happy dog who's glad to see you, no matter what you said, what test you bombed, what job you got fired from, what sporting event you sucked at. They just like you, unconditionally. There's very little that is that way, and we should definetely savor what does. Clearly the aswer is not to abuse the poor thing. We should learn how to follow this more than anything, and really almost honor these beings. In this regard, animals end up smarter and happier in the long run than us, the invincible, all hail to us, people.

I think that animals are a key to actually being happy. They're sweet, soft, willing to cuddle. With an animal, you can be sure that you will never go bestfriend-less. People aren't this willing, forgiving, sunny. Imagine purposefully hurting your own dog. These voiceless critters need our help and provisions to prevent torture and save their lives. It takes a sick person to enjoy harming a creature that has no defenses, and a sicker one to think that it's okay in any way.

I. Core Beliefs

a. What are the essential truths of your -Ism?

This has all been done on Grazr.

b. How do you act differently because of your beliefs?

I feel that I act differently because of Eleanorism because it induces originality and kindness to all beings, regardless.

c. What is the purpose of life according your –Ism?

The purpose of life is to share kindness to all things, and fulfill your dreams.

d. How does the rest of the world differ from your core beliefs? Why are you right?

The rest of the world feels it is okay to discriminate against those who are different, and I think it is a major mental disadvantage of the world.

e. What beliefs do you you share with others?

These can be explored on the Grazr tab above.

f. Which core belief do you think is the central one that all other beliefs revolve around?

Respect to all life.

III. Solving Problems

a. What are the “societal goods” that you promote, and how do you promote these?

RESPECT for all life...animals, diversity, people, things could be avoided if the world had a greater appreciation for diversity.

KINDNESS goes a long way, especially if from someone you look up to...people can make such a big difference with such a little gesture.
b. What are the “societal ills” that you try to solve, and how do you solve these?

NOT CARING: i dont care if you dont, i dont care if you dont, i dont care if you dont care... without caring, or by pretending no to care, the world misses out on some of the tlc it deserves.

NAME BRAND: i think its cool to support a smaller organization...and why have a popular article of clothing that looks bad on you than a unique one that looks good? i dont get it...

DISRESPECT TO NERDS: without some of our insane geniuses, i wouldn't be writing this, would i?

BEING THE SAME: you're spicy as is, so be you with confidence, and only you.

SUPER-COMPETITIVENESS: everybody has their skill, and besting someone at theirs, just to be better is just selfish...

MS. IM A SEVIE BUT IM SO MUCH COOLER THAN YOU CUZ IM NOT ON DISCOVERY... AND MY CLIQUE THINKS YOURE UGLY! EVERYBODY TURN AND LAUGH AND POINT!: haha youre funny but im faster than you and now im going to insult you in big words you dont understand... yay... yah, track and my bus...


UBER-HAIR STRAIGHTENER: lets straighten it until you could get a perm and it wouldn't stay... and then starighten it some more... dry it out and it will always be straight and frizzy....

I CANT GET MY JEANS OFF, BUT THEYRE REALLY TIGHT!!! ISNT THAT A GOOD THING? I don't think it's good when it looks like you were poured into your jeans, but that's just me...


THE PERFECT PERSON IS AVERAGE good qualities come in weird people

c. How does your –ism deal with the invisible, but persistent pressures of life (Patriarchy, the pressure to be a success, the pressure to be cool)?

Eleanorism deals with pressures in ways that it sees fit...

IV. Debate

a. What are the debates that you are concerned with waging?

I'm pro-abortion, and probably the only person in Discovery. I think this shouldn't be abused, but I feel that a woman should have that right (It's her body), and why ruin her life, who would probably ruin her kid's life, when you don't have to ruin anything?

b. How would you frame these debates so that only your ideas would be seen as right?

Freedom of thought is promoted- believe what you want. YOU probably have a better debate, but that's not going to change my mind.

V. Your Head

a. How does your –Ism influence the way you see everyday sights, events, and objects?

You see all life as valuable, and feel that you need to support the 'underdog' and be kind to everyone.

b. What is a day in your life like because of your -Ism?

You do what you enjoy, but you understand that good work reaps worthy benefits, and is morally rewarding. You will probably help others more than the average person, and have complete confidence in who you are, no matter what you are wearing, and who you are around.

VI. Other Important Aspects

a. What are the other defining aspects of your –Ism that are not discussed in the other sections of this Outline?

Eleanorism is a belief structure based around hard work and caring, therefore you get out of the world what you put into it.

Feel like you agree with me? Join the movement.