This page exists to reveal all of the other statements of belief that have come before the Discovery -Isms project. This list of resources and descriptions is a collection of how others have used "This I Believe" and other frameworks like it in order to find the beliefs of middle and high school students. These projects are used to see the greater community of thinkers and -Isms, so that we can continue to branch out and look for new ways to connect to those with similar ideals.

Please add any resource that you find and include: a link to the resource, a short description of why it is important/useful to our -Ism, and any contact information that would allow us to collaborate. You can start to look for resources by googling things like "this I believe" and school or project.

The Belief Files

  • The Arapahoe High School This I Believe - These audio essays and corresponding blog posts show how another school in our area is working with similar ideas. Although, some of the beliefs are rather simple, I think that you will find great similarities to some of your own beliefs.

Collage students doing "This I believe:"

This I believe

Elementary Students doing "This I Believe:"

This I Believe from Flagstone Elementary