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This song (What's My Age Again?) directly corresponds with SHISM because society looks at SHISM as a stunted maturity level. The idea of the song is that because the guy likes the things he does everyone looks down on him. Even though he lives his own life and is happy with it, people are disgusted with his behavior because they all conform to whatever they think they need to to have money, respect, and love. Those are the people who live an incomplete life because they waste it thinking about what they dont have. However, the flip dudes achieved their goal of making this insane video and did not conform. They worked hard and improved what talent they had. Three cheers for the flip dudes!


Give Idea Credit To THE BLINK 182 BUNNY

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(SHISM) Movement Page

I. Core Beliefs

B) My beliefs affect the way I act and the things I do. The beliefs of a person can change the thoughts and beliefs of others too. Beliefs are the sharing of thoughts and what you think can be spread. Right or wrong, peoples beliefs are the core of them.

C) Being yourself and enjoying it. By being yourself you make yourself whole. Who you are is what completes you.

D) Most people spend their entire lives being what they think they're supposed to be (a hard a** work-aholic). I understand work earns a lot and we all have to do our fair share to make a living, but I also think it is crucial to have a life that you could look back on and smile at.

E) " Living your own life," (give or take) seems to be the essential belief that I share with others


II. Role in Society

A) My role in society, according to my ism, is myself. There is nothing else that I should be.

B) I relate to people through music, wether I play it or listen to it. Music is the best connection anyone can have. It can pull people as close together as they can get. I think music is the most pure thing in the world. People hold back some thoughts to make themselves someone else. With music you can tell anyone anything with no hesitation.

C) Honestly my ism is concerned mostly with making sure your life and yours alone is completely whole. It doesn't discourage giving and what not, but it focusus on the idea of living your life and making it what you want it to be

D) Power is available to whomever earns it. If one desires power he/she shall earn it. For those who do not desire power it will not be forced upon them.

E) This pic represents SHISM because it is about being yourself and not conforming or "being a yellow flower" in contrast to this image. The pink flower represents a believer of my ism. It represents one who rises above everyone else.

III. Solving Problems

A) Everyone is different so equality is automaticly established. There can't be racism or sexism if everyone is different because it defeat the the purpose of singling out the different people.

B) Because everyone decides who they are, they dont worry about fitting in to make others happy. They make themselves happy by doing what they want to do in life.

C) EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!!! YAY!!! Everyone is equal because everyone has the choice of what they want to do and who they want to be. Life is what you make it. Because everyone has the choice, they have equal rights.

IV. Debate

A) The issues that could occur would be the fighting about ideas. People would probably fight over what ideas were right just like we do today, but if you truly belive in the beliefs of shism, than you would only have to worry about yourself and arguing over ideas would simply not cross your mind.

B) Like I said before you wouldnt have to debate about thoghts because you could believe in yourself and what you think is right.

V. Your Head

A) You are constantly cahnging and developing yourself so everything you see and do is like a question to you asking if it is important to you and if it is part of your personality. That way you can keep growing in your thoghts and never stop.

B) Every day is a good one because you are having fun living the life you want to live. You enjoy being you.

VI. Other Important Aspects

A) Shism makes us all feel good about who we are. It takes the pressure of trying to be cool and fit in off our backs. It is a healer of the mind. Curriculam would be based on what you care about because you have the right to do what it is that you want to do because it is your life and it is whatever you make of it.