How do i learn the best?

Learning is a very strange thing, you can never stop learning and that is never changing. But the volume of knowledge that comes into your brain and actually stays there is a completely different story. For example, if you don't like the book that you’re reading, and then you read it, it all goes into your brain, but does it stay there? The answer to that question is no for me. I will only pick up about 20% of the things that I read out of 100%. The way I learn is the most important thing for me. So how do I learn best??? Well I learn best when the directions are really loose. I prefer to confront the arduous task of working and expanding my ideas the way I want them to be. I don't want directions that are like a metal I want directions like rubber that is flexible and easy to bend. I also learn best when I get the best examples of what is required out of me. I will strive to be better than the best and try my hardest. I found out that when you try to learn something, you want to be actively involved in what you are trying to learn. I am that same way, I learn best when I am actively involved in the discussion or the project that we are doing. This is how I learn best and to my full capability.


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Ideas are not owned by anybody no matter how much copyrights are put on it. Everything around you is an idea, the music you hear, the buildings you see and even the floor you walk on!!! All these things were stared with an idea, without the starting idea, and then man wouldn't be able to do anything. Nobody would have THOUGHT of building a house to live in. Nobody would have even THOUGHT of eating food or drinking water!!! So what everybody does everyday are all ideas. Going down classes is an idea, talking is an idea, learning is an idea. So basically a simple definition that is coming through of an idea is - a thought that is created by the brain. If people were not allowing remixing or stealing of ideas, then there would be nobody in the world living. Nobody would be allowed to eat, drink, sleep, or even walk! This is just merely looking at the surface of aznism.

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Official Seal of Aznism

I. Core beliefs
A) Essental truths

1) Ideas can not be owned
2) The sharing of ideas is how the world came up to be
3) People should be able to share ideas and expand on them to make better ones
4) The "remixing" of ideas is not a negative but a positive
5) Without "remixing" the world can not be a world
6) People should be able to use other peoples ideas
7) The new ideas that people come up with should be accessed by other people
8) There is no such phrase as "my idea"
9) People are equal under all aspects
10) The ideas people come up with are all on the equal level, no idea is on a higher ranking than others
11) If someone wants to use someone's idea, they should give credit to the person with that original idea
12) God is the foundation of all of the things on earth including people

Explanation of "Core Beliefs"
1) Ideas can not be owned
The everyday doings of us people are all ideas. Eating was an idea and we do it, drinking was an idea and everybody does it.

2) The sharing of ideas is how the world came to be
Without sharing your ideas with other people then nobody would live or be able to do anything. If nobody shared the idea of walking with anybody then nobody would live. Nobody would know what food was or water was.

3) People should be able to share ideas and expand on them to make better ones
If nobody did that, then nobody would even think of like for example eating and drinking, without expanding on just the eating part then people would be eating first then drinking water.

4) The "remixing" of ideas is not a negative but a positive
People remixing is a good thing because for example a cake. (By the way this idea was from Vivian) (Who the heck is she!?!) At first, there was just a plain old cake. Someone added the icing to it and made it better! Then another person added cookies to make it even better!! Without the idea of remixing, then the cake would just be a plain cake with nothing. Remixing is basically an idea stacking onto another idea and then stacking onto another.

5) Without "remixing" the world can not be a world
Basically saying that without the remix of for example the dirt road, if nobody remixed that idea into cement roads then we would still be on dirt roads. Another example is if nobody thought of building onto the idea of cars to make them into a hybrid then the world would still be at old fashioned cars or no cars at all!

6) People should be able to use other people's ideas
Since ideas are not owned, people should use other people's thoughts to expand on them and make them better.

7) The new ideas that people come up with should be acceced by other people
As i have previously stated, the more things that are stacked and stacked on top of ideas make them better, so if new ideas were to be accessed by other people, then people could work together and make the new idea better.

8) There is no such phrase as "my idea"
Ideas can not be owned.

9) People are equal under all aspects
Going off of the ideas part, I also believe that all people are equal and were born equal, nobody should be excluded or discriminated just because of color, race or just a mental or physical disorder that can not be helped cause they were born with it and it wasn't their choice to have that disorder.

10) The ideas that people come up with are all on equal level, no idea is on a higher ranking than others.
Since all people are equal than all ideas that are created by them are equal as well.

11) If someone wants to use someone's idea, then they should give credit to the person with the orignial idea
Since as everybody knows, music artist are called music artists because they create music. So music is an idea as well, even though ideas can not be owned, the originator of the idea should be given credit if someone wants to add to that original idea.

12) God is the foundation of everything on earth including humans
Since i am Christian, i belive that God is the creater of everything.

B) How do you act differently because of your beliefs
Since this is my belief, then I will basically act the same way as in what I believe in. I will treat everybody the same way; I will "attempt" to not think that ideas can be owned.

C) What is the purpose of life according to your -ism?
The purpose of life according to my -ism is to stack and stack onto ideas until they are moderately perfect. To remix ideas and make them better, to create new ideas to work with and live a life full of ideas.

D) How does the rest of the world differ from your core beliefs? Why are you right? (Why do you keep your beliefs in the face of others who do not share them?)
Well with the rest of the world, people are always competing in who has the better idea, who can make the best song, or OH NO!! SOMEONE JUST TOOK MY SONG AND REMIXED IT!! People are always complaining in how their idea is their idea and that nobody is allowed to stack onto that idea. I believe that I am right because I believe that ideas can not be owned and therefore they can be accessed by anybody else. Sharing your belief with people that keep their beliefs inside is basically the best way to sort of "convert" them into thinking the way you do.

E) What beliefs do you share with others?
The most common thing that everybody's belief structure has in them is that all the things that we say are our beliefs are all influenced by the things that we think are true and right. They are our true feelings and our thoughts on how everything works in our point of view. Also I share the common belief with c4d1ll4c that "equality is essential to life". Because without equality, people would always be like oh I’m better than them, my idea is better than them, I’m all in all better than them. We would never think of people as equal to us and always thinking that a person based on their race or skin color is lower in ranking as everybody else. Also i agree with the person that is happyism with their core belief of "all people should work for a better cause". Then if someone didn’t want to do something and do it for the better, then why do it? Your parents send you to school for a better cause, the cause to let you actually live a good life in the future with a good job and a home to live in and a family to support.

F) Which core belief do you think is the central one that all other beliefs revolve around?
I think that all core belief statements all revolve around the central idea of the person's ideas and how they think that the world should be. If amazingism thinks that God should be on top of everything, than obviously religion affects that belief and their idea is that God should be on top of everything. Another example is if gretaism thinks that there is absolutely no point in war, than their thoughts of people dying is bad and people's families being torn apart, than that obviously affects how she thinks of war and then the idea that came up to her mind was that war is bad! So then she puts that down as one of her core beliefs. In conclusion, the core belief that is the central belief that all other beliefs revolve around is the belief of thinking about what you think is right.

II. Role in Society
A) What is your role in society according to your -ism? (How do you fit in among peers?)

My role in society according to my -ism is to help people think that ideas can not be owned, and that they should stack on to others ideas to make them better.

B) What your method of connection to others? (Are you part of a greater whole? Do you use emotions? Are you able to relate to others through a common experience? Do you see yourself in groups or cliques?)
My way to connect to other people uses everything imaginable, emotions, common experience, ect…. I us emotions to show for example that I feel special that everybody is "borrowing" the idea that I came up with (notice that I didn’t say "my idea") that ideas can not be owned. I use common experience such as oh right yep I’ve had that happen to me before too! There are also many other ways to get my point through such as email, IM, or just simply talking!

C) How much do you care for yourself vs. other people? (Is your –Ism more concerned with selfishness or giving?)
My -ism is focused mainly on giving. The thought of "no idea can be owned" is the act of giving, the act of letting other people use ideas and new ideas. Burning in the idea that remixing is a good think and that people should be able to add on more and more to make the idea better and better.

D) How do you envision the power structure (machinery) of society? (What power do you have? How do you gain power or lose power? )
I envision the power structure of my belief to be very free. People can just "almost" do basically anything they want. They can use the ideas of different people just as long as they give credit to the people who came up with the original idea. In my "made up society", I think that everybody should have the same power no matter what, doesn’t matter of their race, skin color or what their like. Ideas is what makes a person who they are, basically every action that we do is an idea. And since ideas are not ranked, therefore nobody is above anybody else so then everybody has the same power and everybody is in a free moving society.

E) What is the prevailing metaphor or image that you would use to describe social and economic progress? Why would you define your –Ism with this image?
I'd like to think of my -Ism as a cake. I found this metaphor to best describe is -ism. Since as everybody knows, cakes can come in different forms. Forms with ice cream inside them, cookie parts or even carrots! Yes so the cake is basically the "original idea". So then the white frosting has the resemblance of the new idea that was added on, then the orange frosting - another idea, then the frosting decorations around the already 2 layers of frosting was added on. More and more comes and then the cake becomes moderately perfect. Then comes the remix - a completely different thing. Some person used the idea of a cake and mixed it with ice cream. Now in the world there is ice cream cake :) :) :) :) :) :)!!!

F) How do you view major social institutions (government, welfare, religion, etc.)?
I view government as a thing that makes people "think" that their above other people which they are not. They govern people and basically say what we have to do and what we can't do. But this is sort of contradicting my own idea, but I still think that government should still be there. They still keep people under control and everything that their supposed to do. Though I think that religion is above everything and to put God in front of everything, but that’s just my idea, no offence other people who aren’t christian. I also think that the 3 best things in life are 1) Family 2) Welfare/healthy body 3) being smart (just smart enough to have a job and live a life)

III. Solving Problems
A) What are the “societal goods” that you promote, and how does it promote these? (charity, equality, etc.)

I promote that equality is key to a good life and life itself. I think that if everybody always thought how much worse other people were, than people would be so caught up in saying insults and pushing others out of the group because people wouldn't think of others as equals. Also since all ideas are equal and since all people come up with ideas, therefore all people are equal. I also promote people supporting people with mental disorders. Since everybody should realize that the people with these disorders, it was not their choice to get these disease. So people should stop teasing those who can't run, or can't walk normally, or can't speak very well.

B) What are the “societal ills” that you try to solve, and how do you solve these? (racism, stress, etc.)
Everybody that has gone through school has experienced stress, stress just a normal part of life, you don't want it but you’re going to have to experience it sometime no matter what. Racism is just plainly an idea that was engrained into everybody's brains when they meet people who were different than them. They thought that the majority race of whites is the best race there every was, so then someone created the bad idea of racism and people started to become racist against blacks and all people with different colored skin.

C) How does your –ism deal with the invisible, but persistent pressures of life (Patriarchy, the pressure to be a success, the pressure to be cool)?
All the "invisible" pressures are all pointless. Their just ideas used to pressure people into wearing the right attires to impress your friend or your boy friend/ girl friend. One thing that i think everybody has noticed in the past few years especially in the teenager areas, kids are just switching and switching styles. The new style all of a sudden changed to skater, now people who aren’t even skater wear skater stuff!!! People who wear these things are basically creating a pillow on the ground for them if they fall off the cliff of popularity and fall onto the ground of outcast ness.

IV. Debate
A) What are the debates that you are concerned with waging? Why? (Abortion, Equality, Truth, Etc.)

There are a lot of things that are debatable in the society. These things are equality of people, stem cell research, war, abortion and much more. These things are all ideas that are very debatable; debating is basically the idea of "trying to get your point through" through a series of organized discussion. I really think that since ideas are equal, then if people think that ideas are bad then they should debate about them and discuss about if the idea is good or bad. It’s really up to the people to debate on the ideas

B) How would you frame these debates so that only your ideas would be seen as right?
I would try to convince other people that ideas are not above any other ideas. People can debate about them and decide what is right or what is not and then delete the ideas if the majority doesn’t want them.

V. Your Head
A) How does your –Ism influence the way you see everyday sights, events, and objects?

Well now that I think about it, whenever people say the word "idea" I think of it as a thing that everybody does and it’s what humans do everyday. Now when I do things, I am more aware of the things and then say, oh this was all an idea!

B) What is a day in your life like because of your -Ism?
Because of my -ism, now a day in my life is like, when I see any idea I think of how I could expand on it. I am more aware about the words that come out of my mouth such as "oh he’s stealing my idea". Thinking more deeply into it and thinking that ideas can not be owned and that people should stack and stack onto ideas and that it makes the idea better and have deeper meaning.

VI. Other Important Aspects
A) What are the other defining aspects of your –Ism that are not discussed in the other sections of this Outline?

The idea of hate should be taken away from this world. Without hate, people would live longer, have a happier life and be all together better.

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This I believe
My most central and bold belief I would say is the belief of "no idea can be owned". This thought goes way more deeper down than just a couple of words. To many people, this idea to the unaided brain would seam to be the most random idea ever to come across the brain. But, this idea is what we LIVE off of. Without ideas, people would not be able to live. Because ideas influence our everyday lives, our everyday doings. For example, waking up is an idea that was created by the brain. Eating was also an idea that was created by the brain. See, if everybody basically put a "copyright" onto every one of their ideas and nobody was allowed to use the orignial idea, then people would not live. See eating was an idea created by the first man ever to walk on earth, since I am Christian; I believe that the person is Adam. So if he had put a copyright on the idea of "eating" and nobody would be allowed to use it except for him, then no humans would ever be allowed to even have the chance to live because nobody would be allowed to eat. In our everyday doings, we are using everybody's ideas, yet being humans, we become hypocritical. We often say without any thought, "Hey stop taking my idea! I put a copyright on that!" When this gets processed into your brain, the first action would be to laugh. But laughing at this concept is only laughing at yourself. Everyday, we have people in courtrooms because they used a picture or some sort of thing that had a copyright on it. The person that is being sued used a “thing” that was posted on the Internet or anywhere else with protected rights and the person being sued used it without consulting the poster. Do you see the hypocrisy?!!?!? People are like "oh don't use my idea cause I put a copyright on it" when their actually using someone else's idea. Changing the world is something that is impossible to do because i am only 1 single man, but stating an opinion is something is can be done by anybody in the world. My thoughts on the thought of "copyright on ideas" is that the best type of idea is the kind of idea that is not owned and shared with everybody.
Gcast on this I believe (oh my gosh...i never knew what my voice sounded like...i sound weird....)

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What influenced my ideas the most

  • The debate on remixing
  • The Maus II book
  • Slavery
  • Racism
  • The society in all
  • 9/11
  • War in Iraq
  • Equality
  • My friends
  • The thought that everybody should be proud of their race or religion, just be themself