Core Beliefs
  1. Knowledge is infinite
  2. Ideas cannot be owned (Aznism)
  3. Equality is essential to life
  4. People are born leaders
  5. Winning=Satisifaction
  6. Losing=Stress
  7. Everyone should participate in some kind of physical activity

Knowledge is infinite
There is no such thing as knowing everything, you can have a huge brain capacity, yet not know everything. There are geniuses in our world but they do not know everything. Knowledge is infinite, new things are discovered every day, and the human brain can not keep up with the speedy changes in our universe.

Ideas cannot be owned
An idea does not and cannot be owned by a single person, it may be a person that starts an idea but it will be discovered by more people, and the original person has no right to say that the idea belongs to him/her. It should be illegal to say that ideas cannot be used by more than one person because then billions of people would be breaking the law.

Equality is essential to life
All humans are born equal, they may earn status throughout their lives, but everyone should have natural rights including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, happiness, and more. No person should be jealous of what there comrads have/own, jealousy leads to hatred and hatred leads to depression.

People are born leaders
People are born leaders, leadership is not something we can learn or something that can be taught. The majority of the world's population are supporters/followers. Peyton Manning was born to be the quarterback he is today, you cannot learn to be Peyton Manning, you also cannot learn to be a leader. Leadership can be difficult at times, but the "born" leaders will always pull through.

Humans will never be satisfied until they win, 2nd place is bad, 3rd place is bad, 50th place is bad, 1 millionth place is bad. We all came into the world knowing that a 1st place trophy is the only thing we want. We as humans say congratulations to the people who win but that is only to be a good sport. You know that you want and should be on that podium. The human goal is to win every race, get the best on every test, and work our @ off until we are at the top. No matter what anybody says, winning is the only way we can be satisified. There is never a person who does not like to win.

If you win, you're happy but then again you cannot win everything so eventually you will be sad from loss. So there is really no person who is always happy. If we as human beings could accept occasional loss, it would not only make us better people, but things like depression would go extinct.

Physical Activity is important
I think that whether you play a sport competitively or for fun, it is key to do something because physical activity is a pain killer it rids you of things like stress and it's a great way to meet people. I got this idea from Javon's space(linked above).


Table of Contents

I. Core BeliefsII. Role in SocietyIII. Solving ProblemsIV. DebateV. Your HeadVI. Other Important Aspects

I. Core Beliefs

a. What are the essential truths (belief statements) of your -Ism? You should have between 5 and 10 belief statements that outline the goals of your belief system. (i.e., I believe that all humans have the capacity to make the world a better place. Or, I believe that people are essentially evil and must be made good through a well-structured society. You may use Standpoint or Standpedia for this question.)Listed above...
b. How do you act differently because of your beliefs?
c. What is the purpose of life according your –Ism?The purpose of my "ism" is to strive for your goals, even if it means working harder than you want to.
d. How does the rest of the world differ from your core beliefs? Why are you right? (Why do you keep your beliefs in the face of others who do not share them?)The rest of the world tends to do things because it makes themselves look better or seem better, I think that we should do things not for others to think of us as good people but to do things to impress ourselves because it is the right thing to do.
f. What beliefs do you you share with others? (What common ground do you see between your -Ism and others' -Isms)
e. Which core belief do you think is the central one that all other beliefs revolve around? (You can create a concept map of one of your Core Beliefs using Mindomo, Inspiration, or Gliffy)I think the one belief that the others revolve around is that equality is essential, if you think about it, when you treat someone equal, there less likely to do selfish things to you.

II. Role in Society

a. What is your role in society according to your -Ism? (How do you fit in among your peers?)I wouldn't say I have a "role" in society, you live your life for yourselves, not others, and as long as your happy, you don't really need a role.
b. What your method of connection to others? (Are you part of a greater whole? Do you use emotions? Are you able to relate to others through a common experience? Do you see yourself in groups or cliques?)My ism is all about using emotions to connect to others, God created a partner for Adam so he could interact with her, we should follow that example.
c. How much do you care for yourself vs. other people? (Is your –Ism more concerned with selfishness or giving?)
Once I am at a point where I can take care of myself, then I will worry about other people. If you're attempting to help someone do something yet you don't know how to do it yourself, what is the point?
d. How do you envision the power structure (machinery) of society? (What power do you have? How do you gain power or lose power? )
You gain power or influence by helping others when they are need, while you lose it when you are being a jerk and trying to avoid assisting them.
e. What is the prevailing metaphor or image that you would use to describe social and economic progress? Why would you define your –Ism with this image? (A ladder, a mountain, a treadmill, etc. Feel free to get an image from flickr or describe this metaphor through a bubblr strip.)
f. How do you view major social institutions (government, welfare, religion, etc.)?The government is good as long as it follows the guidelines, in our case the Constitution and as long as if it does not force the citizens to do anything outrageously stupid or useless. The government should only do things that help the people of the community, freedom of religion

III. Solving Problems

a. What are the “societal goods” that you promote, and how does it promote these? (charity, equality, etc.) My ism promotes equality, humans were created as equals by God and that should never change, equality keeps us from doing bad things because we actually value others instead of only ourselves.
b. What are the “societal ills” that you try to solve, and how do you solve these? (racism, stress, etc.)
Racism is a key illness in my ism, being racist is wrong because you're not treating someone bad because they're a bad person but because they may not look like or sound like you. You should judge people in different ways.
c. How does your –ism deal with the invisible, but persistent pressures of life (Patriarchy, the pressure to be a success, the pressure to be cool)?
Being cool or being successful is okay as long as it is not at the stake of others, for example if being cool means you have to make others looks like trash, then that is not good, but if being cool means you say hi to everybody you see, then that is fine.

IV. Debate

a. What are the debates that you are concerned with waging? Why? (Abortion, Equality, Truth, Etc.)
Life without equality is wrong because you think that you are better than everyone else, and you have rights that other do not have, this is a big debate throughout my ism because I think it is crucial that everyone is equal to not only the people they like or know, but they people they interact with each and every day.
b. How would you frame these debates so that only your ideas would be seen as right?
I would frame my debate about equality by showing people the results of equality, when you put a group of people of different ethnicities and they treat each other equally and value each others opinions, you get multiple perspectives because these group of people were raised in a different type of society to one another so you would get a variety of answers to a specific question.

V. Your Head

a. How does your –Ism influence the way you see everyday sights, events, and objects?
One big part of my Ism is to live life one step at a time, when somebody tries to multi-task a lot, usually they don't do so well and fail. If you took you're priorities one at a time, you would get good results. Another thing that is important in my ism is to see things in a positive way. If you are not positive about yourself, who's to say anyone else will be. You have to know you're good to be good.
b. What is a day in your life like because of your -Ism?
A day in my ism is basically a "good day". You work for the things you want, and you rely on no one else but yourself. In my ism, I strive for happiness, I do the things I think are right, and I promise to be an individual.

VI. Other Important Aspects

a. What are the other defining aspects of your –Ism that are not discussed in the other sections of this Outline?